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Saturday, 14 November 2020

Matter of announcing special festival package for state government employees.

Matter of announcing special festival package for state government employees.  Government of Gujarat, Finance Department, Resolution No .: -Tajar / 102010/213 / Z, Secretariat, Gandhinagar.  Date: -12/11/2050 Introduction: In order to meet the expenses incurred by the government employees during the festival, to increase the purchases by the employees and to boost the economic activities in the state, the matter of announcing a special festival package for the state government employees was under consideration.  
Karav: At the end of the adult consideration by the Government, Dat.  It is decided to provide special festival package for the regularly appointed employees / officers of the State Government for the important festivals coming up till 31/7/2021.  1.  Under the special festival package, Rs.  An interest free deposit of Rs. 10,000 / - will be given.  Which will be given in the form of a pre-loaded Rupay card.  The validity of this card will be till 31/3/2021.  Until then, digital transactions can be made using this card.  After processing the application of the employee / officer for taking deposit under this special festival package, the concerned withdrawal and distribution officer will have to get the card from the bank and give it to the employee.  Employees / officers on duty or on leave may be granted advance under special festival package.  The advance card should be recovered from the salary in a maximum of 10 installments from the month following the month in which the card is handed over to the employee / officer.  3.  The benefit of this resolution will be given to the employees / officers of the state government, panchayats and organizations receiving 100% subsidy of salary allowance.  This resolution will be implemented from the date of publication of the resolution and the resolution will be in force only for the financial year 2020-21.  By order of the Governor of Gujarat and in his name, 4.

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