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Monday, 9 November 2020

District Panchayats for primary teachers and non-academic staff Expense Allowance Difference Grant Matter

Office of the Director of Primary Education, Hallo Kan, 12/1, Dr.  Jo , Hvan, Gu.ra.  Gadhinagar, Dt. 2/1 1/2050 |  DOO 1 1 in the show.  Subject: - District Panchayats for primary teachers and non-academic staff.  Calculation of maintenance grant for the difference of three months out of the incremental allowance from 2014 to December 2017 - Year 20 - Rough Grant Mem Panchayat and Gram Gruh Nimin Vs.  According to E, K, RT - 104 - R18 - 120) of 10-1-91, only Rs. 3.11709ooooo / -  One Hundred and Seventeen Crore Nine Lakh Complete Primary Education Director Shri Gu.Ra.  The amount mentioned by Gandhinagar to the District Panchayat against his name has been sanctioned to the concerned District Panchayat as a grant for the year 2020-6.  
This amount is handed over to the concerned District Development Officer and Gandhinagar Sh.  Therefore, it is handed over to the District Education Officer, as well as to be deposited in his PLA.  Expenditure incurred by the Got District Panchayats from its own funds.  Payment is made on condition of being audited by the audit account subject to reimbursement and reconciliation.  The sanctioned grant includes the amount of three months difference between the monthly allowance of primary teachers and non-academic staff from July 2012 to December 2017. Expenditure on TAM will not have to be borne from this grant till the end of the year 2030.  The budget will be good.  District wise allotment of prot is done as follows.  Name of the District Room Cardex No Pokka in Ahmedabad U I BE 4520mLog |  Chor Kaud 52 lakh Pura Vadodara?  35400000 |  Finish three crore sixty four lakhs.  Rajkot is that t02 3510000 |  Three crore ઍKamath lakh Pura ૪, Surat Tan # 15 32400000 |  Three crore twenty four laps completed.  Tapi T 2001 224tobbo Two crore gravis lakh full.  Kheda U 99/12 'st300000 |  Popped three lakh flood Raman E 39 + 04 43500000 |  Four crore thirty five lakhs complete Panchmahal 997 62 4200000 |  Five hundred and forty two lakhs will suffice E&E GENT 05 1000000 |  Seet Karid completed one lakh 16.  Madrotha Fas I 032 473D0050 Par Crore Tauter Lok Puri Junagadh 33/107 27200000 |  Two crore Bauter Lakh Pura 18, Porbandar 995 do?  11200000 |  Shake it?  AM completed 1], Mehsana 999/071 DEODAdon |  Po 5 crore if flood, Patan 594 |  462 38.500000 |  Three crore Kya C lakh Pura TN, Ge / Vane Ger na 10 444400000 |  Four crore forty six lakhs completed 15.  Jamnar 999/90 22E000do Two crore twenty six lakhs is complete.  Amreli 99/07 30000000 |  Three crore full 18.  Kutch 939 4111 44900000 |  Four crore fifty five lakh full 999 hd um, fear 29900000 |  Two crore ninety lakh full U RE / 240.  Narmada 16600000 |  One credit sixty six lakh commission BRA 21.  Valsad 37400000 Three crore Chumotere Lakh Pura, S  L 21/03 3.21 - Jane If u e 19

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