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Saturday, 7 November 2020


Subject: To report the written examination to be held at zonal level on 8.11.2030 (probable) for recruitment from deputation of BRC / URC and CRC COO.  Reference: (1) Letter No. SSA / MAKAM / 2015 / 2-9 dated 6.5.2018 (2) Letter No. SSATT / BUC of this office.  Recruitment / 12 / 206-2102 dated 20.2.2018 Regarding the above subject, to state that, to fill the vacancies of BRC / URC and CRC Co. under deputation by deputation from government primary school teachers dated 8.3.2030.  Online applications have been received from 3.2.2030.  In which BRC / URC Co.O.  For 114 and CRC Co.O.  As many as 1916 applications have been received.  For filling up of vacancies of BRC / URC and CRC Co. and for the vacancies of future online application received during the said period, as per the norms of the letter dated 6.4.18, subject to 100 marks subject to OMR Base written examination structure.  

           The written examination for the recruitment of .O is likely to be taken on 5.11.2030 in 5 (five) zones (Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Vadodara, Surat, Mehsana).  At the time of applying online for this exam, the required qualifications, how to apply, recruitment / terms and conditions instructions / guidelines were posted on the website.  In which the content of the examination was given.  According to which this exam taker is to be informed.  Holtikit download and other instructions regarding this exam will be given from now on. Information will also be posted on the website of SSA and State Examination Board. Please share this information with your teacher friends.  Trually Secretary and IC Q.M.P.O.  , S.S.A.  Gandhinagar copy courtesy: Hon'ble Secretary, (Primary and M.Sc.), Block No. 3 / 7th Floor, Secretariat, Gandhinagar Hon'ble SPDS, Head Office Hon. ASPDS, Head Office.  Copy sent politely: • Hon'ble Chairman, State Examination Board, Sector-21, Gandhinagar 2) It is better to do the entire planning of the above examination following the guiding instruction of COVID-12.  0 D: \ 2020 \ CRC - BRC BHARATI -2020 NODH.docx 

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