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Tuesday, 24 November 2020


District Primary Education Officer, District Education Committee, all

 - Govt.

 Town Education Committee, all

 Subject: - Regarding the necessary instruction as per Chapter-Z of the resolution dated 26/10/2020 of the Department of Education regarding teacher education assistant transfer.
 Regarding the above subject, the details of the change to be made while merging the schools are given in Chapter-Z under Resolution No. 26/10/2020 of the Education Department.  From the representations received by the office here, it is clear that the matter is interpreted differently in different districts.  So that the following is clarified.

 If the teachers working in this standard are qualifying for Std-1 to Std-6 or Std-6 and Std-7 from the school where the Std-1 to 5 classes are not merging, then the school in which the classes are merging.  Their consecutive seniority with the teachers working in Std-1 to 5 in the school should not be considered but they should be considered as slaughter.

 But if there are teachers with Std-6 to 8 qualification in this case, then since the classes of Std-6 and 7 are closed, they will have to consider the junior teacher in the merging school with the teachers of Std-6 to 8 as seniority.

 In addition, when merging the classes of Std-6 and Std-6 and 7 in a school where there are vacancies in Std-1 to 5 and the teachers of the school who have the qualification of Std-1 to 5 after merging the classes, the teachers in the same school.  Vacancies will be included above.

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