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Thursday, 1 October 2020

Online Home Learning Course For Teacher on Diksha Portal

 "Home for Teachers"  Regarding joining the "Learning Online Course". According to the above topic and context, various efforts are being made by the Department of Education for the education of students during the Corona epidemic. In this regard, first, textbooks were given to the students at home  Broadcasting of educational programs for students of Std. 1 to 12 from Girnar, Virtual Class, Unit Test, Excerpt for students of Std. 9 to 12 on the first Saturday of the month as well as GVs for students of Std.  Attempts are made to provide education through virtual school.  Awareness among the teacher friends about the various endeavors made under "Home Learning" and the means by which the students are taught as well as the role of the teacher friends and how to take care of the academic development of the student under the whole home learning.  For the purpose of getting information, this certificate course has been prepared by CoVID-19 to clarify the understanding of Home Learning Program for all teachers in the state by Shiksha, Gandhinagar.  By joining, you will be able to ensure the continuity of students' education.  A "Home Learning Online Course" has been organized for teacher friends from 9/08/2050 to 15/10/2050.
      In view of the above, instruct all the primary and secondary teachers of your district to complete the "Home Learning Online Course" by 15/10/2050 and report the matters regarding the cell from your level to be used in the education development of the students.  Primary school and secondary, higher secondary school teachers are asked to provide information and guidance from your level on how to join this course and complete the course.  One hour. The teacher will receive his certificate as soon as the course is completed. You can go to this course by clicking on the QR code given below. P. Bharti) Copy Compliments  , Gandhinagar, Copy courtesy: Honorary Director, Office of Schools, Gandhinagar Honorary Director, Primary Education, Gandhinagar Honorary Director, GCERT, Gandhinagar.

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