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Wednesday, 28 October 2020


  Matter of publishing amendments in the rules for transfer of Rahak to Higher Primary Teacher / Legislative Assistant, 2 B BET 2020 Primary Teacher / Legislative Assistant.  Gujarat Government Education Department Resolution No .: PIA3E / 112018/2105 / K (Part-1), Srachavalaya, Gandhinagar Ta.  8/10/2030 Reading: 1.  Education Department Resolution No. PA 30/11/2018/417 - A, Dt.  7/02/2018 2, Address No. of Education Department: Pia 9/11/2018/412/K, Dt. 05/06/2018  Resolution No. of Education Department: PIA3E / 11/2016/21017 / K, dated 07/09/2018  Education Department Resolution No. PI / 11/2016/2105/2, Dt.  15/02/2018  Resolution No. of Education Department: PA 30/11/2017/41018/2, dated 07/09/2018  Education Department Resolution No. PIA 5E - 11-2018 / 4 / K, Ta.  7/08/2018  Education Department Resolution No. PIA 5E - 11-2018 / 4 / K, Ta.  15/03/2018 2, Resolution No. PRE of Education Department - 11-2018 / 2105 / K, Dt.  7/08/2018  Resolution No. of Education Department: PIA3E-1117 / C.F.  -2 / K, Ta.  08/02/2018 10, Resolution No .: PRE / 11/2016/2105/2, Dt.  21/06/2018 11.  Resolution No. of Education Department: Pia 3E / 112018/2106/2, Dt.  9/10/2018  Resolution No. of Education Department: PA 9/112018/2103 / K (Part-1), Dt.  08/02/20) 12.  Letter No. of General Administration Department: P / Ch / 102017/313030/4, dated 30/06/2018  Director, Office of Primary Education dated 05/09/2050, letter no. Receipt / A - Policy / 2030/7.  Registration of the Office of the Director of Primary Education dated 08/06/2050. Recommendation received on the single file.  Has been published.  Subsequent amendments have been published by the resolutions under reference (2) to (13).  The provisions made by the resolution under reference (2) of this department dated 7/06/2017 are similarly applicable to the non-transferable employees of Gujarat Public Service Commission.

      The application for the provision of benefits was received by the General Administration Department from a letter dated 3/06/2018 under reference (16).  Subsequently, the Director, Office of Primary Education has made necessary corrections and references in Chapter (b) (2) of the resolution dated 17/06/2017 from the letter under reference (18) dated 07/09/2020.  With the note dated 07/06/2040 of the single file P5 under (17), it has been requested to make necessary corrections in the resolution of this department dated 3/06/2017, the representation received through the General Administration Department and the Director.  Considering the aforesaid reports made by primary education as well as various ancillary issues under consideration, with reference to (1) of this department dated 6/06/2017, with reference to dated 19/06/2018 (2).  The matter of issuing necessary amendments in the resolution under as well as in the resolution under reference (2) dated 3/06/2017 was under consideration of the Secretary.  Amendment Resolution: In view of all the above matters, at the end of the adult deliberation of the department, the following amendments have been published in the resolutions of this section dated 7/06/2018, dated 17/6/2018 as well as dated 7/06/2018.  is coming .  Revised provision date and brief details in place of existing provision of the resolution.  7/02/Sanchavalaya (a) Secretariat Services of Gujarat Government, Non-Gujarat Legislative Secretariat of the cadre of 017, Public Service Commission of Gujarat Transfer and Name.Gujarat Chapter - The Employee / Adhika Validation Method in the Services of the High Court  As per the husband / wife of the person who has been appointed and who is currently performing the primary duty (18) or as an employee / officer teacher who has been working in the concerned office for 3 (three) years, completed the job in a row.  The Director, who has performed the duties of his / her husband / wife, District / Nagar Education Committee in the District / Nagar Primary School in the district as a teacher / transfer education assistant, is in the place of non-transferable duty of his / her husband / primary education officer.  Kirshe.  This benefit considering the net vacancy available in the district, Page 2 of 9.

        These resolutions / orders can be changed.  Implemented |  (B) The posts of the Head of the Department at Gandhinagar after which the posts are vacant only at Gandhinagar.  The teacher has / lı laka and will only get the services of an officer once working on the post except Gandhinagar.  In case of non-transferable elsewhere in the state as well as those who are not transferable elsewhere in the state except Gandhinagar, the officer / employee's spouse satisfies all the conditions mentioned above, their non-transferable person can be transferred considering the available vacancies in the district.  That is, in Gandhinagar, the husband / wife of the officer can be transferred to Gandhinagar district and the name / husband of the employee can be transferred to Ahmedabad district while performing the same at Gujarat High Court. In the above case, the establishment of the concerned administrative department is in charge.  Certificate of the prescribed specimen given in the attached appendix by the non-descending officer, having Class-IV, shall be originally attached as proof, while in the case of services of Gujarat High Court, the name of the Gujarat High Court shall be as above.  The certificate as per the form of the appendix shall be adduced as proof.In any case mentioned in this page the place of deputation of the concerned officer / employee should not be taken into consideration.  Certificate must be submitted.
      The Director, Primary Education will have the power to change all the key after conducting all the necessary checks.  Such a transfer will be treated as a district transfer and this benefit will be available only once during the entire service period.  The vacancies mentioned in this page will be filled within the limits of the vacancies which do not exceed 50% of the total vacancies in the district during the academic year.  For these vacancies, it will be necessary to take into account the situation after the final set-up of that academic year.  But, the date of this section.  Resolution No. of 3/08/2018: Appointed under P-3E / 112018/4 / K Resolution No.-2 or as per the aforesaid condition in the appointment order of Vidyashayak / Teacher.  Appointment in the taluka will have to be done in the same taluka for ten years only.  This condition should be clearly mentioned in the appointment order announcing the recruitment of academic assistants.  ”And the benefit of the provision as per subdivision will not be available for 10 years of employment to the teaching assistant / teacher who has been appointed subject to it. 

 For the purpose of transfer in Std. 6 to 8, the resolution of Std.  Not qualified |  Teachers with different chapters of seniority  Will have to endure.  In Std. 1 to 8 and Std. 3 (b) to higher primary to 6 in which department i.e. lower primary / rule 2 is working.  In case of killing in higher primary department, the date.

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