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Saturday, 19 September 2020

School Registration For Khelo India Wellness Appraisal for School Going Kids

Govt. Subject: - Matter of enlistment in "Khelo India Wellness Appraisal for School Going Kids" under "Fit India" program. The Fit India program is executed by the Legislature of India to advance the improvement of the games segment, the way of life of sports. Fit India Week was likewise composed in the third seven day stretch of November under this program. In the period of December, from 16.12.2018 to 31.12.2018, under the Fit India program, the re-festivity of Fit India Week was held and from 30.12.2018 to 05.01.2030, yoga was praised. In such manner, the directors of all administration essential, auxiliary and higher optional government, award supported, non-in all actuality, KGBV, ashram schools, model schools and model day school schools and an educator of the school (nodal sports instructor) said "Khelo India Wellness Evaluation for school Going Kids". Are approached to enlist inside. In schools where the chief is filling in as a nodal sports instructor, they will likewise need to enlist as an educator. One of a kind ID and secret phrase will be gotten on the email ID which will be shown at the hour of enlistment. With the enlistment of the head, the school will turn into a site page under Khelo India and through the enrollment of the educator (nodal sports instructor) the insights regarding the physical evaluation of the understudies can be filled. At the point when enrollment will be done under Khelo India by the school.

                   Unique ID and password will be received on the e-mail ID which will be displayed at the time of registration.  Which can be used to fill in the details for the physical assessment of the students.  Attached is the link to register as well as full details.  Which is directed to be implemented immediately and further action taken.  Link for registration- In case of any technical problem in registration under "Khelo India" you can contact at the given number.  

Technical Person- 
1) Support Front.  Mo. No. 8154092339 
2) Roshan Tiwari - Mo. No. 9899683557

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