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Wednesday, 30 September 2020

NISHITHA training was organized in the entire state of Gujarat.

 Education Officer, All District Project Coordinators, All District Education Officers, All Governing Officers, All Subjects: Loyalty for Primary Teachers Regarding teacher involvement in teacher training.  , Organized by Delhi, Ta.  Video Conference of 19/09/20 Mr., to state on the above subject that last year NISHITHA training was organized in the entire state of Gujarat.  In which 89297 primary school teachers were trained from face to face mode.  Due to the epidemic of Kovid-12, this year the training will be conducted through online mode through the devotion course on the initiation platform.  Primary School Teachers (including Government, Granted, KGBV, Ashram School, Kendriya Vidyalaya, Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Railway School and Sainik School)  Means to connect.  This training is going to start in Gujarat from 5th October 2020.  The district level has made necessary arrangements for the completion of all the 12 courses of loyalty training of the remaining primary teachers (Government, Granted, KGBV, Ashram School, Kendriya Vidyalaya, Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Railway School and Sainik School) and its proper implementation.  Necessary planning will have to be done to make arrangements. 

   Teachers who have not taken loyalty training last year  It is compulsory to join 18 courses of devotion through the medium.  • Scanning the QR code given next to the video explaining how to login to the Nistha on Diksha course as well as filling out the self declaration form can be seen.  To join the teacher training, the self declaration form has to be filled on the loyalty portal by 4-10-2020 and the teacher code and school u dice code must be filled in it.  બાકી Primary teachers remaining in loyalty training have to attend online training through 18 courses.  In which he has to personally join all the 18 courses.  
Whose time sheet is as follows.  Module Time Course Duration Remarks Module 1 to 3 5-10 October Module 3 to 6 12-17 October Module 7 to 9 19-24 October Module 10 to 12 26-31 October 2 courses will start from the first date of the given course period.  In this course, the teacher will login to the initiation platform and go to the course tab.  To join this course the teacher has to click on Join course.  Module 13 to 15 2.7 November Module 16 to 189-11 November Repeat all 18 courses (if required) December 2020
   During this training, the teacher can check his / her CRC for engaging in training as well as for educational questions or difficulties.  The coordinator should be contacted.  • After completing the online course module training for each teacher, the certificate of completion of the loyalty training can be downloaded from the profile page by logging in to the initiation platform in 8 to 15 days after the completion of the training.  • Each teacher will have to prepare a course wise report (module wise total 12) on how to apply the things learned in the training in the classroom and submit it to the CRC co-ordinator during the work period.  The CRC Co-ordinator has to prepare the register for the report submitted by the teacher coursewise (module wise total 12) as per the sample given below and submit it to the BRC Co-ordinator by 5th November 2020.  Details of the report submitted by the teacher Std. 1 and Modulewise.  Show which of the school is from 9 or Std. 6 to 8 Name Type  Director Director GCERT Gandhinagar Director Primary Education Gandhinagar State Project Director Samagra Shiksha Abhiyan Gandhinagar [  Office of the Director, Schools, Gandhinagar It is good to give necessary instructions to all the District Education Officers
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Wednesday, 23 September 2020

Online training for Khelo India National Fitness Program for "Khelo India Fitness Assessment for School Going Children

Online training for Khelo India National Fitness Program for "Khelo India Fitness Assessment for School Going Children" vidola all 24.  The Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports of the Government of India is implementing the Central Sector Scheme with a view to achieving the main objective of sports participation and excellence in sports.  That is, "Khelo India" is a national program for the development of sports.  The Khelo India Mobile Application (KIMA) has been developed by the Sports Authority of India to assess the physical health of school going children across the country.  Khelo India Mobile Application (KIMA) will provide Physical Fitness Assessment for the youth class of India as well as all the students going to school (Std-1 to 12) and each student will be given Fitness Assessment Report Card.  Dimensions for Fitness Assessment: The following parameters / fitness activities will be taken into consideration while assessing the children under this scheme in their respective age groups: Std-1 to 3 (5 to 8 years) Std-4 to 12 (9 to 18 years) 

1, BMI  (Anatomy) 1, BMI (anatomy) 
2. Flamingo test (stable balance) 2. 50 m.  Standing Start (Speed) 
3. Plate Tapping Test (Co-ordination Test) 3.600 m.  Running (Cardio - Vascular Endurance) 
4. Seat and Reach (Flexibility)
 5, Partial Call Up 30 Seconds (Core Strength) 
6. Push Ups (Boys) Modified Push Ups for Girls (Muscular Endurance)

           Role of schools: The academic year started from June 2020. Due to the current Corona epidemic, it is not possible to call students to schools for educational work.  So that the Sports Authority of India and the entire Shiksha, Gujarat has organized the following Online Training of Trainer Program (TOT) for the principals of schools under Khelo India as well as the nodal sports teachers of the school.  In addition, e-certificate will be given to Sports Authority of India and entire Shiksha, Gujarat Principal / Nodal Sports Teacher.  The principal of the school as well as the nodal sports teacher of the school who are yet to register are asked to complete the registration immediately at 

Watch Video For Login For Test

.  In addition, you can contact the Sports Authority of India on the following number for information and problems under the above program.  

By 1. Aadhar More (Regional Manager, Khelo India) - 8154092339 E-mail-

 2. Roshan Tiwari (Executive Ashi., Khelo India) -9899683557  Enclosure - Planning details of Online Training of Trainer Program (TOT)
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Tuesday, 22 September 2020

Student Science Brain Year 20-21 India's largest science talent discovery for New India using digital devices.

Subject: - Student Science Brain Year 20-21 India's largest science talent discovery for New India using digital devices.  Reference: - Bharatiya Vidyalaya Shiksha Board Mandal, Delhi Letter No .: COBSE / C.3 63/2020/1539 Dt.  21/08/2050 Pursuant to the above subject and context, to state that science dissemination, an autonomous institution in collaboration with the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India, National Board of Educational Research and Training (NCERT), Ministry of HRD and Vigyan Bharati Vidyarthi Shodhan  VVM) has been running successfully for the last five years.  Which is India's largest science talent search for New India using digital devices, focusing entirely on school-going children from Std-9 to Std-11 across the country.  Timely registration and participation in the online exam.  
                   Student Science Brainstorming is a digital application based talent search exam that is conducted online nationally.  Registered students are currently allowed to take the exam from their own home, i.e., via mobile phone (mobile), laptop, desktop (school lab) or tablet.  The method of online registration is available on the website of Student Science Manthan 

                    ;  (Email: In this regard, it is advised to give necessary instructions in this regard to all the schools under your jurisdiction in view of the relevant letter regarding maximum participation of students from all the schools in the district.
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Monday, 21 September 2020


Cautiously plan and send the necessary subtleties before the second round of RTE confirmation measure in the scholastic year 2020-21. Prashini/RTE/208/303 1-6 101 Dt. 17/04/20 With respect to the above subject, to express that the first round of confirmation distribution for the scholastic year under RTE: 2020-21 has been made online by the Workplace of the Head of Essential Training, Gandhinagar on 11/03/2060. Last date for fixing the confirmation of youngsters conceded in the first round in the separate schools. It was 12/02/20. Before beginning the second round of RTE affirmation measure, the accompanying subtleties must be mulled over. Regardless of whether the understudies who have been conceded in the first round of RTE affirmation measure have finished the cycle of Concede by heading off to the online web-based interface through that school? It should be confirmed at the locale level. On the off chance that the understudy has been conceded by the school under RTE yet has not finished the way toward fixing the affirmation by tapping on the online Concede tab, at that point the second round will be viewed as empty and the confirmation will be apportioned to another understudy. 

Henceforth, there will be a circumstance of conceding two understudies at a similar spot. It will be the obligation of the school and you. Consequently, all the schools should give essential guidelines from your level to finish the cycle. In certain regions, schools have been shut by the overseeing body. Hence, in this issue, those regions should get a composed goal from the educational committee to close the school, hold a vis-à-vis hearing at the locale level and close the pertinent school classes at the SPEAKING Request area level. Also, will make a proposition to the workplace of the Head of Essential Instruction, including the important insights about the de-accreditation of that school. 

           With the conclusion of such school classes, the way toward eliminating the school from the online interface should be finished quickly at the region level. Just as the subtleties of the understudies who got confirmation in the first round in quite a while, allude to the workplace here
Must be sent to Google Sheets sent by letter.  So, such students can be included in the second round admission process.  If a school has not given admission to a single student allotted under RTE in the first round, it will have to take action as per the rules by giving a reasoned notice of penalty / cancellation of accreditation / cancellation of NOC for affiliation.  And, the details of the students allotted for admission in the first round in such schools have to be put in the Google sheet sent by the reference letter to the office here.  In the prescribed form (Google sheet) to be sent to the district from the school with the above mentioned details as well as the information regarding the children.  9/06/2050, by Wednesday in Google Sheet as well as on, it is asked to send the signature as well as the necessary supporting evidence in English font and capital format.  Note: Details of children deprived of admission will not have to be sent except for the reasons mentioned above as well as the reasons mentioned in the Google sheet.

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Sunday, 20 September 2020

Std.6 to 8 Matter of the second phase of online training of primary school teachers.

 Std.6 to 8  Matter of the second phase of online training of primary school teachers.  Accordi As per the above subject, the second period of web based preparing of Gujarati, Arithmetic, Sociologies and Science instructors working in the upper essential area in  transmitted disease. 6 to 8 will be composed through "Byseg" (Vande Gujarat Channel-1) according to the accompanying timetable. The preparation will likewise be broadcast on Vande Gujarat Channel-1 and Geo Portable Application. In this preparation, government grade schools, award supported elementary schools, KGBVs heavily influenced by Region Panchayat Training Advisory group of the state. , Ashram schools and educators of self-financed elementary schools (tuition based schools) should join. Web based Preparing Broadcast Arranging Writing for sending questions Download Subject Time Date 3.00 pm Q hour to do R Code Date Gujarati 28/09/2020 10:30 to 12:30 26/09/2020 Science 30/09/2020 10: 30 to 12:30 27/09/2020 Ti Bulb 4 1 to 9-
Number: GCERT/Preparing/2020-21, 119-2-9. Gujarat Gathering of Instructive Exploration and Preparing, 'Vidya Bhavan' Division 12, Gandhinagar Email: Date 19/06/2050 to Secretary, Head, Locale Instruction and Preparing Bhavan, All 

 Writing for preparing of Urshayukta subjects is sent with QR code alongside Ba to the concerned subject instructors in this QR. C.R.C. for getting e-duplicate through cod. /B.R.C. The organizer is approached to give the important guidelines. The instructor needs to contemplate the important subject of this writing and join the preparation just as if there are any inquiries or disarrays identified with the subject, filter the QR code given beneath and send the subtleties in Google structure from your level. Send the data to the email address by the dates referenced in the above table with the goal that the issues to be settled during the preparation can be secured. Subtleties of instructors partaking in the preparation ought to be sent to the preparation branch, GCERT by email on the second day after culmination of the preparation alongside the mark of the head, name of the area, number of educators associated with the preparation. 28/09/2020 | Ta. Dated 30/09/2020. 01/10/2020 05/10/2020 Gujarati Arithmetic Sociology | Science and Tech, Government Pvt. Schools Allowed Pvt Schools KG BV. Kindergarten Non-public school General Secretary GCERT Gandhinagar
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Saturday, 19 September 2020

School Registration For Khelo India Wellness Appraisal for School Going Kids

Govt. Subject: - Matter of enlistment in "Khelo India Wellness Appraisal for School Going Kids" under "Fit India" program. The Fit India program is executed by the Legislature of India to advance the improvement of the games segment, the way of life of sports. Fit India Week was likewise composed in the third seven day stretch of November under this program. In the period of December, from 16.12.2018 to 31.12.2018, under the Fit India program, the re-festivity of Fit India Week was held and from 30.12.2018 to 05.01.2030, yoga was praised. In such manner, the directors of all administration essential, auxiliary and higher optional government, award supported, non-in all actuality, KGBV, ashram schools, model schools and model day school schools and an educator of the school (nodal sports instructor) said "Khelo India Wellness Evaluation for school Going Kids". Are approached to enlist inside. In schools where the chief is filling in as a nodal sports instructor, they will likewise need to enlist as an educator. One of a kind ID and secret phrase will be gotten on the email ID which will be shown at the hour of enlistment. With the enlistment of the head, the school will turn into a site page under Khelo India and through the enrollment of the educator (nodal sports instructor) the insights regarding the physical evaluation of the understudies can be filled. At the point when enrollment will be done under Khelo India by the school.

                   Unique ID and password will be received on the e-mail ID which will be displayed at the time of registration.  Which can be used to fill in the details for the physical assessment of the students.  Attached is the link to register as well as full details.  Which is directed to be implemented immediately and further action taken.  Link for registration- In case of any technical problem in registration under "Khelo India" you can contact at the given number.  

Technical Person- 
1) Support Front.  Mo. No. 8154092339 
2) Roshan Tiwari - Mo. No. 9899683557
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Friday, 18 September 2020


 under the above subject, it is stated that the process of recruitment of fifth round education assistants in non-government aided secondary and higher secondary schools of the state is to be undertaken by sending an advertisement prescribed form.  Any of the two most popular Gujarati dailies in the state!  Request to publish ad in edition.  You are also requested to send to this office copies of the letters informing the newspapers about the accurate publication of advertisement on 19/09/2050.  Respect on note.  That is with the approval of the Director. 
Advertisement (Fifth Round) Selection Committee for Recruitment of Gujarat State Secondary and Higher Secondary Educational Staff, Commissioner's Office of Schools, Block No. 3/1, Dr.  Jivraj Mehta Bhavan Gandhinagar, (8th Round in pursuance of the announcement dated 19/06/2017 regarding selection of Education Assistant in Non-Government Aided Secondary and Higher Secondary Schools) No.  GH / SH / 4 / BMS - 1108-1906 - G and Declaration No. dated 7/6/2018: GH / SA / 2 / BMSH / 1103/1803/g as well as non-government grant of the State as per the permanent resolutions and provisions of the Government.  The recruitment process for the selection of teaching assistants in secondary and higher secondary schools (Gujarati and English medium) has been completed from 1st to 5th round with the announcement dated 17/06/2018.  Out of the vacancies of Education Assistants included in the recruitment process after 1 to 2 rounds of vacancies, at present the vacancies available at the district level (details of vacancies are posted on the website).  NO.  Pursuant to the judgment of 12418/2018 dated 17/06/2018, the fifth (5) round of the recruitment process has to be carried out.  In the above details, out of the vacancies included in the advertisement dated 17/06/2018, the list of four times the number of vacancies available at present is posted on the website (PML-1)  Candidates mentioned in the list call letter for verification of their qualifying marks / certificates on the website  Will be able to download.  Whose relatives should take note.  Candidates who are absent on the date and time indicated in the call letter in the document verification as well as those who have not downloaded the call letter wish to relinquish their claim under the fifth round of the said recruitment process.  The presentation will also not be considered.  Of which special note.  Special Note: - Candidates with merit equal to or greater than the merit of the candidates mentioned in the list of candidates to be posted on the website  Yes, but due to change in their merit, the school allotment could not be done till today.  By 12:10 hours Secondary Branch, Commissioner Schools Office, Block-2/1 Dr.  The application has to be submitted in person at Jivraj Mehta Bhavan along with all the valid supporting evidence.  Applications sent by post, courier or any other means will not be considered.  Proceedings will be conducted as per rules on this submission.  Any submission made after this time limit will not be considered.  Detailed information / instructions regarding the advertisement will be posted on the website on 21/06/2050.  As well as for further instructions (PML-2, objection application, final merit list, venue selection etc.) the concerned candidates will have to visit the above website regularly.

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Tuesday, 15 September 2020


Gujarat educational department latest news report akila news report and other popular news report. Gujarat samachar Sandesh news paper Divya Bhaskar news report akila news report and other all news report

Gujarat educational department latest news report akila news report and other popular news report. Gujarat samachar Sandesh news paper Divya Bhaskar news report akila news report and other all news report

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Monday, 14 September 2020

Gujarat government decides not to open school before Diwali by Gujarat News Media.

Gujarat government decides not to open school before Diwali by Gujarat News Media.

Hello learner friends. Teachers as well as parents are told that exercise are currently snug due to the Corona epidemic. All of you are discipline your people online. You will need to contemplation at home. Your boy will not have to study any day. It is very momentous to delineation mensually for all the months of September. This passage will also be utilitarian to you for communicative through online breeding of your spawn session at domestic.

The only instance of up this online teaching is to meditation whatever your qualifier ponder agreeing to this lockdown. All state principal school teachers in Gujarat are attached to fulfilling the state's solve to sit down and are ready to develop your kids You all wit that your kid's education is deteriorating due to the Corona epidemic perpendicular now but we are very penetrating to develop your lass and we fix not to hinder your children's teaching weary as we are direction primary university teachers for you. We are always instant. All the videos adapted by us. All the principal reprove of Gujarat, whether it is a control or a separate or a trust run reprove, we give Bindas to the community to sentry.

Our conceitedness is simply that kids should meditation online at home. The only thing that concern to me is that it is done nicely In this blog post I defect to give you an comprehension of how to meditation at close and how to get online education. You all knee that meditation at home is very water-closet in the common situation as from standard three to flag 12 All the spawn are sedent at abode now and the account is the same. This epidemic is due to the epidemic of corona poison. It is not yet evident when the poison will go avaunt. So, frogs, you also strait to meditation session at domestic now so that your contemplation is not vitiate. Beautifully systematic in which all the government fundamental teach teachers of Gujarat are willing to give you online culture for innocent through youtube and DD Girnar TV.

We will give you very lovely knowledge and at the same opportunity go very alienated in doctrine. So delay me teach you how you can tend online education through your mobile or TV. First of all retarding me report you that you can download this video on DD Girnar channel to wait in your TV. Also you can tend it as a Gujarati division on Gujarat government's youtube channel. You can watch all the videos by penetrating a channel once in a while. If you scarceness to scrutinize and watch, you can also watch the video here. We have put the video for you here through youtube and Diksha gate. You can also watch the video from here. We vouch that you will upload this video every age to your goats and father and we trust that more and more offspring will enhance their instruction by espionage this video and minister to the evolution of instruction. So all of you mother, friends and teacher lover are beg to show this video to your child for sure. Thank you all very much for visiting this blog.

Std.3 to 12 Home Learning Online Schools An educator is an distinctive who relieve other lede to inattentive advice, capabilities or values.Online Classes Casually the thrust of teacher might be taken on by anyone (for sample when telling a confederate the largest moving to trifle out a especial assignment). In undoubting nations, making youngsters of train age might be done in a casual congelation, for example, bowels the family, as antipathetic to in a very congelation, for specimen, a college or shoal. Some separate callings may embody a share of breeding.Massage School Dallas Texas In many nations, affected furnished is typically done by hired proficient educators. This concern concentrate around the individuals who are utilized, as their bare-bones thrust, to show others in right instruction planting, for precedent, at a flock or other blot of intromissive peculiar manege or manage.Teaching is a profoundly inclination dissemble operation. This is to a bounded extended since furnished is a sociable usage, that occur in a individual setting (time, place, culture, socio-public-financial circumlocution and so on.) and in this distance glass the estimations of that individual planting. Jn jnComponents that slam what is natural (or anticipate) of educators nclude annals and custom, convival perspectives about the motive behind direction, accepted hypotheses helter-skelter lore and so on Online School Course. Research conduct that understudy breath and demeanors towards exercise are firmly constant to understudy teacher connections. Eager educators are particularly agreeable at making profitable relations with their understudies. Their profession to become forcible learning provision that embolden understudy completion relies upon the sort of relationship they performance with their substitute. Helpful instructor to-understudy associations are besetting in connecting scholarlike fulfillment with special completion. Here, distinctive accomplishment is an understudy's interior goal of underdeveloped himself, though scholarly accomplishment assimilate the objectives he gotta from his predominant. An instructor must director her understudy in regulate her own objectives to her learned objectives. Understudies who get this constructive blowy show more dregs self-betrothal and more considerable person and scholastic completion than those without these teacher interactions.Students are presumably gestation to convene more feces relations with instructors who are well jolly and resolute and will show more ardor for career instructed by these educators. Instructors that clothe more energy communication and working lawfully with devil are accomplished as firm and strong educators
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