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Wednesday, 19 August 2020



The benefits of water sanitation and hygiene to highschool children

The provision of water, sanitation and hygiene facilities in school secures a healthy school environment and protects children from illness and exclusion. it is a primary step towards a healthy physical learning environment, benefiting both learning and health. Children who are healthy and well-nourished can fully participate in school and acquire the foremost from the education. Hygiene education in schools help promote those practices which may prevent water and sanitation related diseases also as encourage healthy behaviour in future generations of adults.
Get Perfect Solution to Download Blank Certification in class Hygiene Certificate Application Shala Swachhta App Certificate.Pupil-teacher ratio in education worrying.Despite having registered a small improvement over the past few years, the pupil-teacher ratio (PTR) in education institutions of Gujarat may be a explanation for worry. THANX A LOT TO MANOJ MAKVANA FOR THIS SOLUTION GIVEN BY YOU TUBE

The latest All India Survey on education (AISHE) 2018-19 states that with a PTR of 24, Gujarat ranks 26th among 36 states and Union territories of the country.
PTR is measured because the average number of scholars per teacher at a selected level of education during a given school year .Government sources admit that there has not been any recruitment of lecturers and professors within the past three or four years. the method of recruiting professors is additionally cumbersome and lengthy. It involves issuing advertisements, conducting written tests, holding interviews with candidates and eventually issuing appointment letters.

According to latest statistics, there are around 2,000 vacancies of professors and lecturers in grant-in-aid colleges of the state alone. Large scale recruitment has not taken place in grant-in-aid colleges for over a decade, say educationists

Children with disabilities are also vulnerable to throwing within the towel of college . Accessible school facilities are a key to highschool attendance for kids with disabilities. an efficient water, sanitation and hygiene programmes seeks to urge obviate barriers by promoting inclusive design – user-friendly, child-friendly facilities that benefit all users, including adolescent girls, young children and kids who are sick or disabled. Toilets and handwashing facilities, as an example , need to be customised to suit children’s smaller size, and water, sanitation and hygiene facilities that are traditionally designed for the ‘average’ child must consider the actual fact that children have an honest range of abilities and needs . the foremost cost-effective because of improve access for all children is to incorporate accessibility into the design from the outset, rather than making expensive changes later. to make sure facilities are accessible, it's essential to involve children with disabilities within the planning process. the worth of making inclusive facilities is minimal compared to the costs of exclusion.

Swachh Bharat: Swachh Vidyalaya is that the national campaign driving ‘Clean India: Clean Schools’. A key feature of the campaign is to form sure that every school in India features a group of functioning and well maintained water, sanitation and hygiene facilities. Water, sanitation and hygiene in schools refers to a mix of technical and human development components that are necessary to provide a healthy school environment and to develop or support appropriate health and hygiene behaviours. The technical components include beverage , hand washing, toilet and soap facilities within the varsity compound to be employed by children and teachers. The human development components are the activities that promote conditions within the varsity and thus the practices of kids that help to prevent water, hygiene and sanitation related diseases.

This app helps digitise the solution sheet of weekly exams held in Gujarat by SSA.

SSA conducts weekly tests to assist students become proficient in key learning objectives.

This app has been launched by SSA with questions being provided by GCERT, to enable easy and quick data collection at the question level for the answers that students provide in these weekly tests.


This app are getting to be used for self-assessment surveys by schools. A validation survey are getting to be conducted by the District and thus the state coordinators. This app is developed for the govt. of Gujarat under an ongoing project for improving school sanitation. The app are getting to be used for purely academic purposes of collecting information on school sanitation and training teachers on sanitation.
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