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Friday, 15 November 2019

New rule / learning license no longer has to be long for RTO, most benefit to the villagers

New rule / learning license no longer has to be long for RTO, most benefit to the villagers

CM Roopani has announced at a press conference that tomorrow, ie. No need to go to RTO for Learning License (Driving) from 15th November 2019 will depart from ITI (Industrial Training Center) and Polytechnic College (Diploma College) near our village or city.

Follow these steps to get a learning license
* Learning License to be issued in 221 ITIs in all talukas of the state from 15 November 2019
In Maharashtra, not even the government but the fortunes of these 4 villages changed overnight
No need to go to Goa to enjoy the cruise, Div service starts from Mumbai, this is the fare
King maker has always been the leader in Maharashtra politics, it is difficult to form a government without him
* From November 20, 2019, besides ITI, a learning license will be issued from 29 nearby Polytechnic colleges (Diploma College).
* The fee for the learning license can be paid from and no line will have to be raised.
Appointment for Learning License must be applied at, no authority or agent has to be pushed
* Any further information can be obtained from or, no need to ask any agent.
* No applicant has to pay any agent or officer for any rupees except the learning license fee.
* All of the following processes will be online from now on
1) Renewal of Driving License
2) Duplicate driving license
3) Driving license replacement
4) Duplicate RC Book of vehicle
5) Any vehicle information
6) Hypothesis removal
7) Driving License Information
Note - For all these online processes you will have to get OTP (one time password) using or website.
Helpline number for the complaint, email
Two helpline numbers for vehicle owners to complain about
The website is also available at for additional details.


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