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Friday, 15 November 2019

Find out how much your body weight should be based on the length of your body

Medical science has shown that a person's height and weight are directly correlated with each other. A person who is taller should have a similar weight and a person whose height is less should weigh that much.  Is shown inside. Medical science has said that if a person's weight corresponds to his height, that person will be permanently  They can stay healthy.
 Weight corresponding to length for men


 Men are required to undergo any physical examination when enlisted within any army, and their weight is measured based on their height at that time.  But if the height and weight of the person is not equal, then the person is declared to be unfit and removed from the army.  But there is a chart here that shows you how much weight a healthy person can have depending on their height.

 Weight corresponding to length for woman


 When someone gets sick and goes to the hospital, the doctor's first job is to measure the person's weight, and also to measure his height.  Health is bad. By the chart below you can find out how much weight a woman should have depending on her height and if her weight corresponds to her height.  Women can be considered healthy.

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