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Tuesday, 27 September 2022

Home Remedies For Piles: These Ayurvedic things including Triphala will remove the problem of piles, know how to use

 Home Remedies For Piles: These Ayurvedic things including Triphala will remove the problem of piles, know how to use

Home Remedies For Piles:   Most of the people are troubled by the problem of piles. People suffering from piles have to face many problems. In this, it becomes difficult for the victim to even sit up. While sometimes its pain becomes unbearable. Actually, due to piles, the blood vessels of the anus enlarge, due to which the problem of pain has to be faced along with burning. However, piles can occur due to many reasons, such as - constipation, digestive system not working properly, obesity, stress etc. In such a situation, some Ayurvedic remedies can be adopted to get rid of this problem. Know what that remedy is and how to use it. 

These are Ayurvedic remedies to remove piles - 

Triphala Powder

Triphala can help you in removing the problem of piles. For this, make a powder by mixing equal quantity of bacayan, neem nimoli and triphala. After that take this powder daily. 

Milk and lemon

can be beneficial to get rid of the problem of piles. For this, heat a cup of milk and cool it. Then add lemon juice to it and drink it. By doing this continuously for 3-7 days, you can get rid of the problem of piles. 

Nagdon leaves

, rich in medicinal properties, can also remove the problem of piles. For this, eat 3 leaves of Nagdon daily.

Aloe vera The anti-inflammatory properties of aloe

vera work to reduce the irritation of piles. Therefore, patients of piles should consume aloe vera pulp in some form or the other. 

Coconut oil and turmeric powder 

If you have piles problem then you can use coconut oil. For this, mix a little turmeric powder in coconut oil and apply it on the place of your piles with the help of light hands or cotton. This gives you relief from hemorrhoids that occur on the part of the anus.

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Bay leaf is very effective in reducing joint pain, know how to use it

 Bay leaf is very effective in reducing joint pain, know how to use it

Uric Acid: Uric acid is a toxin present in the body which is made in everyone's body. When the kidneys are unable to expel uric acid, uric acid begins to accumulate in the form of crystals in the joints and knees. Due to excessive consumption of purines in food and excessive consumption of drinks, the level of uric acid in the blood starts increasing and due to this, human joints start suffering. This pain increases with time so much that a person is unable to even sit up properly. In such a situation, you can use bay leaves present in the kitchen to reduce uric acid. It is very effective in controlling uric acid. You can control uric acid by consuming bay leaves daily. Let us tell you how to reduce uric acid with bay leaves. 

drink bay leaf tea 

People who have high uric acid, take bay leaf tea. To make this tea, you take 10-20 bay leaves and wash them thoroughly. Take three glasses of water in a pen and put the washed bay leaves in it. Put the pen on the gas and cook till the water remains in a glass. Warm this water and consume it twice a day. By consuming bay leaf tea, your uric acid will be under control.

benefits of bay leaves 

Bay leaves not only add aroma to the food, but it is also full of medicinal properties. Its consumption keeps blood sugar under control. Relieves respiratory problems like cough, flu, bronchitis, asthma and influenza. Along with this, the health of the kidney remains excellent by its consumption.

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What are the disadvantages of applying lipstick?

 What are the disadvantages of applying lipstick?

Who doesn't like to look beautiful? Perhaps for this reason, there are many types of beauty products available in the market to look attractive. Women's first choice lipsticks are also included in these beauty products. By the way, while using these lipsticks, does the question come in the mind that a layer of chemicals is being added to the lips, not a layer of color. Yes, chemicals are used in many lipsticks, which can cause many damages to the body. We are asking about the harm of lipstick not to scare but to warn. What happens by applying lipstick, how lipstick can be toxic and harmful for the body, we are explaining this information in detail in this article.

Disadvantages of applying lipstick

While using lipstick, it is important for women to be aware of its side effects so that they can be health conscious. For this reason, we are telling below in detail about the damage caused by lipstick and the chemicals present in it.

1. Chemical Contained

Many types of kamekal are also used in the manufacture of lipstick, due to which there can be a toxic effect on the body ( 1 ) ( 2 ). Lead is also used in many lipsticks. Especially, to make up the color of the lipstick. According to a study on the website of NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information), manganese, lead and cadmium are used to make lipsticks ( 3 ) ( 4 ). Due to the chemical present in it, there may be a problem like darkening of the lips and its frequent drying ( 5 ). We are telling further in the article about the other disadvantages of chemicals present in lipstick.

2. Allergies

It is believed that using lipstick can also cause allergies. According to a research, when the artificial dye used in it reaches inside the body through the mouth, it can cause allergic and dermatitis (Dermatitis, itching, swelling and red rash on the skin ) . The reason for the allergy is nothing but the chemical present in the lipstick. For this reason, it is said that lipstick made from herbal ingredients should be used.

3. Eye irritation

Beauty cosmetics are also responsible for eye irritation. Although eye irritation is caused by applying mascara or mascara, but many women use lipstick as an eye shadow. In such a situation, lipstick containing chemicals can cause irritation in the eyes ( 1 ).

4. Stomach problems

Using lipstick also increases the risk of stomach problems. According to a research, many chemicals are used in the beauty products applied on the lips. These chemicals also contain lead. Lipstick on the lips can cause lead to reach the stomach through the mouth, which can cause stomach pain, kidney and liver problems. Research clearly states that although lipstick contains less amount of lead. Despite this, by repeatedly applying lipstick containing metal on the lips, it can reach the stomach and cause trouble ( 6 ).

5. Neurological problem

Applying lipstick can also cause brain problems. Research has said that the lead used in making lipstick can cause neural damage ie brain damage ( 2 ). Due to reaching the body through the mouth, the chemicals present in lipstick can do more harm. Memory loss can occur due to the lead present in it. High levels of lead reaching the brain can impede nerve transmission and can disrupt the supply of calcium in the body. Also, the cadmium present in it is also not safe, it can harm the brain ( 6 ).

6. Harmful to Pregnancy

It can also be dangerous for pregnancy because of the lead used to make lipstick. It can harm the pregnant woman and her fetus. Because of this, there can be a problem of miscarriage. Actually, lipstick can reach the stomach through the lips, which can increase the level of lead in the blood. Lead can easily cross the placenta in pregnant women, which can increase the risk of congenital lead toxicity in the baby ( 7 ) ( 8 ).

7. Infertility

It is believed that the problem of infertility can also arise due to various chemicals present in lipstick. Women apply lipstick on the lips several times throughout the day, due to which the chemicals present in the lipstick reach the stomach through the mouth. These chemicals can go into the stomach and cause problems like infertility. This has also been mentioned in a research done on lipstick. In particular, the amount of lead found in lipstick has been attributed to this ( 7 ).

8. Hormonal imbalance

Chemicals present in cosmetics are also believed to be responsible for hormonal imbalance. The chemicals used in the production of cosmetics affect the body's hormones, causing them to become unbalanced ( 9Trusted ).

Avoid side effects of lipstick

You already know about the disadvantages of lipstick. Some measures can be taken to avoid the side effects of lipsticks mentioned above, about which we are going to elaborate further.

Always read about the ingredients to be used while buying lipstick.

Before applying lipstick, apply a base on the lips.

Concealer can be used to build a base. It forms a layer between the lips and the lipstick. By doing this, the side effects of lipstick can be avoided.

What happens after applying lipstick, we have already explained in detail. Now, while buying lipstick, keep in mind the harm caused by it, choose herbal lipstick or chemical-free product. Using products to look beautiful and attractive is not wrong, but neglecting health by buying substances carelessly can be harmful. We aim to alert the reader to the disadvantages of lipsticks mentioned in the article. Hope this article proves helpful to you.

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5 Things Your Personal Trainer Wishes You Knew

 5 Things Your Personal Trainer Wishes You Knew

They have muscles for days and always seem to have a new exercise you wish you never knew existed. Personal trainers can be your coach, your friend, and some days, they might seem like your worst nightmare.

But personal trainers have more going on in their heads than plotting a wickedly tough workout for you. Here are five personal trainer tips they wish you knew:

Pre-workout Snacks

It’s easy to think that it might be counteractive to eat before a workout. But working out on an empty stomach is like trying to get a car to work without putting any gas in it. Two to four hours before your workout, eat something like a hard boiled egg, cup of Greek yogurt, ¼ C of almonds or a green apple. 

Digestive Health Is Everything

Probably one of the strangest questions a trainer will ask you is about your bowel movements. Digestion can tell you about your diet, stress and activity levels. Men need 30-39g of fiber per day and women need 25g. Drinking enough water, drinking bone broth and reducing stress can also help promote healthy digestion. When your digestive system works more efficiently, your workouts and weight loss efforts will too.

Sleep Is a Practice

If you’re not getting seven to nine hours of sleep a night, you won’t have enough energy to last the day and through your workouts. Sleep also is the time your muscles repair from previous workouts. Sleepless nights can also increase hunger levels and leave you eating more than normal. Practice quality sleep and everything will sync.

Your Workout Is the Focus

Since many trainers see the same clients multiple times each week, sometimes over several years, it’s easy to get to know each other. Talking during training isn’t an issue as long as it doesn’t interfere with the workout itself. Trainers want you to work your hardest every time. Long conversations can wait.

Don’t Be Late

While you can’t always help it, probably the most important personal trainer tip is to be on time. You’ve hired a trainer so you can stay accountable. Do everything you can to be there. If not, you could risk of losing a session to a 24-hour cancellation policy.

Personal trainers want you to do more than just show up. They want you to make changes to your lifestyle so that your workouts and your overall well-being improve. Do you follow these personal training tips?

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Small Business Ideas in India

 Small Business Ideas in India

At present, there are a large number of young professionals who are looking to earn quick money with minimal investment. And with India’s growing economy, there are a lot of possibilities where one can venture into. The ‘Startup India, Standup India’ programme announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Independence Day has been successfully inaugurated in Mumbai’s Thane district. In addition, the Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has assured the startups that both the government as well as the banking system would be making resources available to them. As someone who’s intending to enter the world of business, you can soon find a special tax regime that would enable you to foster innovation to an optimum.

Here is a list of business ideas that novice entrepreneurs, having minimal finance options, can utilise to earn maximum profit in the minimal return period.

Starting Off with Rs. 1,000

A great business idea to start off with nearly Rs. 1,000 is ultra-short temping services. As a part of this business, the companies provide manpower services on a temporary basis to event management firms. The break-even period for this business is close to 10 months and a gross profit of approximately 20 percent can be expected. An important skill needed to make this business a success is networking. Organizing private tuitions is yet another excellent business idea to earn a handsome income with an investment of Rs. 1000. You can plan to be a private tutor by grabbing adequate knowledge about a particular subject. All you need to do is occasional investments associated with the purchase of new books in case there is a change of syllabus.

Business Idea for an Investment of Rs. 7,000

A good business idea with a budget as minimal as Rs. 7,000 is a shoe-wash company. Earlier, canvas shoes were cleaned using old toothbrushes and detergent; however, nowadays people have moved on to trendy sneakers and want the shoes to be cleaned by people who are experts in the field so that the shoes can be maintained properly.

In order to be successful in this business, it is essential to know how to use chemicals and a fair degree of marketing skills are also required. The break-even period for this form of business is at least three months. The businessmen can expect a gross profit of nearly 40 percent in this case.

Business Idea for an Investment of Rs. 15,000

Having a food delivery service is a great business idea if a person has around Rs. 15,000 with them. Nowadays, customers want the best food on their tables without making the efforts to go and get it and this is where a food delivery company can come in handy.

The main skills needed to run this business smoothly are sales and management. This business has a break-even period of two months at the very minimum and can provide gross profits of nearly 20 percent.

Business Ideas with INR 20,000

If a person wants to start a business with Rs. 20,000, they can start making uniforms. Nowadays, even business schools and medical and law colleges are making it mandatory for their students to wear uniforms. Interested businessmen can establish contacts with uniform manufacturing companies and provide dresses at convenient prices. The most important skill in this business is man management and it takes almost a year to break even.

Business Ideas for an Investment of Rs. 50,000

Property management can be a great business idea if you have a start-up capital of approximately Rs. 50,000. The businessmen need to find out a proper workplace and take responsibility for their detailed documentation procedures and thus save a lot of their time. Adequate sales and marketing skills are needed in order to be successful in this business. The company can achieve break-even status within a month and expect a gross profit of around 50 percent. Yet another profitable business venture in this range is phone-based business consulting services. These days, several entrepreneurs are looking to make a name for themselves and the time is right for experienced businessmen to make the most of their skills and knowledge and guide these young enthusiasts with some good business plans. Networking is a critical skill needed to flourish in this business that can take almost four months to come on break-even terms. 

Wedding planning is also a good business idea when you have got Rs. 50,000 to start with. Today, wedding ceremonies in India are being organised and celebrated on grand scales and the celebrators might not have the time to properly attend to every little nuance as a lot of time is required in this as well. Wedding planners can help people in such situations. Creativity is the name of the game in this business domain that can provide gross profits of almost 15 percent. However, achieving break-even status will depend on the quality of projects that the company gets.

Concierge services such as babysitting and medical treatment can be started with an initial capital of Rs. 50,000 or more. Network communication capabilities are the most critical skills required to do well in this business that can take at least half a year to achieve parity and give approximate gross profits of 10 percent.

Housekeeping services for hotels is a proper business idea if an entrepreneur has Rs. 50,000 to start with. With the hotels looking to keep their rooms sparkling clean, this is a good business idea. Good communication and man management skills are necessary to succeed in this domain. This business can provide gross profits of almost 20 percent. 

Business Idea for an Investment of Rs. 75,000

Pre-recruitment assessment is a profitable business venture if the entrepreneur has a starting capital of around Rs. 75,000. This service can be helpful in letting companies hire the best possible employees. The companies in this domain can chip in by creating the tests at different levels and then evaluating the candidates based on their performance in the same. Good marketing and sales capabilities are necessary for good performance in this domain. The minimum breakthrough period for this business is two months and it can provide gross profits of nearly 25 percent.

Business Idea for an Investment of Rs. 1,00,000

Entrepreneurs looking to offer custom-made chocolates for their customers can get started with almost Rs. 1,00,000. Making chocolates as per food quality standards is a prerequisite. It is important to love chocolates and be creative to thrive in this business. Expected gross profit in this segment can vary between 30 and 35 percent and the minimum period required to achieve parity is a week.

Business Idea for an Investment of Rs. 2,00,000

If an entrepreneur knows intercity and interstate bus routes really well and has almost Rs. 2,00,000 to invest straight away, then a bus service website can be regarded as a good business opportunity. The website can also provide information pertaining to the ticket rates and the channels for booking them. 

However, it is essential to have good IT skills to be successful in this business. The minimum period needed to achieve break even in this business is five months and the expected gross profit is close to 10 percent.

Business Ideas for an Investment of Rs. 3,00,000

A good business idea with a start-up capital of Rs. 3,00,000 is that of custom-made festival gifts. The entrepreneurs can choose innovative gifts, wrap them in an eye-catching manner and then send them to their clients. The entrepreneurs need to be sensitive, creative and understanding and have a good knowledge of gift-makers in the town. It can take at least three months to achieve parity in this business, which can be expected to provide gross profits of almost 20 percent.

Entrepreneurs with such start-up capital can also go for the online ads service business. They can have contacts with the website owners and then get the appropriate space, which can help the clients get access to their target audience.

The owners should have good knowledge of networking and media planning in order to be successful in this business. The minimum time required to come to break-even status in this business is a year and the anticipated gross profit is 20 percent.

Business ideas for an investment of Rs 4,00,000 - Cleaning water tanks

Water tanks are an indispensable part of the household, commercial building, school, hospital or any other structure and help in storing water. However, over a period of time, the inside of the water tank can become dirty and needs to be cleaned. One can start a water cleaning service with a capital of around Rs 4,00,000. This would include buying the equipment needed for effectively cleaning the insides of water tanks. One would have to employ technicians who would be provided equipment such as high pressure, jets, vacuum cleaners, suction pumps etc. People are becoming more health conscious and are realizing the importance of professional water tank cleaning service; thus, this is a very profitable business.

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Business Ideas for Women in India

 Business Ideas for Women in India

The veiled entrepreneurial abilities of women in India have witnessed steady alterations with the increasing sensitivity to her role and economic standing in the society. Almost all countries have seen an upsurge in Women owned businesses over the last few decades. The three chief reasons for a woman to undertake business ventures are expertise, understanding of her domain and flexibility.

A women Entrepreneur is an individual who undertake exigent role to fulfill her personal requirements and in the process become financially self-sufficient. A women entrepreneur always aspires to do something fruitful and positive in the field of business besides bestowing values to family and social life.

With the arrival of media and diverse prospects, the modern women are fast growing from job aspirants to job creators. They are making their marks as interior decorators, journalists, garment manufacturers, fashion designers, etc and are equally contributing in the nation's economy. But unlike their western counterparts, who are acknowledged and are more well-known in the business world, women in India are lagging behind due to some major limitations like – lack of confidence, market-oriented risks, social-cultural hindrances, etc. Hence, it is advisable to keep these negative aspects aside and make a promising start of your business.

Small Business Ideas for women entrepreneurs

Some of the small business ideas for women in India that can be managed from home are listed as under:


Opening a Boutique is the first thing that comes in any woman’s mind. Even though there isn’t any lack of boutiques in any city, the customer base of such stores keep increasing every day; as customers want better quality and variety in the types of clothes and accessories they wear.

Beauty Parlor

This small business only needs a little investment on training, quality products and basic equipment. One can easily turn a spare room into a cozy beauty salon. This beauty business suits women of every age.

Fitness Center (Gym)

This business requires a bit extra investment to set up, but, the resulting profit is great. The gym equipments are expensive but are a one-time investment. Since almost everyone is health conscious these days, the business will be profitable. It will be to your added benefit if you are a yoga expert or a trained aerobics trainer.


If you are well aware of the market around you and have a good network of contacts with professionals from different industries, you could set up a consultancy firm and share the information with others. Setting up doesn’t need much investment. A small room can be turned into your business office.

Internet Business

The Internet has changed our lifestyle. There are many ways to start earning online. One can put their skills to use and start freelancing on the web writing blogs, articles and feeds for websites. Also e-stores generate a lot of revenue if they are marketed well. You can open a cyber cafe too. All you need are some computers and an internet connection.


Most women are talented and passionate about cooking. Therefore this business idea will work for them. Women can start their own restaurant or café. They can also start a catering or take-away service too.


Women love children, hence they can start up a small daycare center or creche at their homes. Spending the day with kids could be fun and profitable at the same time. Plus balancing work and home life would be easy.

Gift Shop

No prior experience is required in setting up a gift shop business. Everyone knows what to expect in a gift shop, so order things from a trusted dealer accordingly or search the Internet for latest gift items and build up your stock in your store to sell.

Interior Decoration Store

Women have a good sense of designing and keep their homes beautiful, hence they can open an interior designing business. Keep things you would ideally decorate your house with, and capitalize on local art and crafts in your shops and find good clients for the promotion of your business.

Pet Shop

Owning a pet is becoming popular these days and pet lovers are more than willing to spend on accessories and knick-knacks for their pets. So this business is also profitable. Start a shop to cater to the needs of pet owners with items like pet foods, accessories, clothes, cages, kennels, etc.

Other Miscellaneous Business Ideas

Apart from these women can join up with the banking sector as earn money by becoming an insurance agent. They can also be agents to sell cosmetic and branded plastic cooking utensils like Tupperware. Women can also open up home tuition in the field she is expert in. She could teach subjects or open a music, dance or an art class.

Guidelines to be followed before You Start a Business

Develop confidence

Women in India lack self-assurance in their potency and proficiency. However, over the last few years the outlook of Indian women is changing and they are fast emerging as potential entrepreneurs.

Manage home and business effectively

A woman's personal life sometimes acts as a great hindrance in their business career. Hence it is advisable to manage your family and career proficiently, bestowing equal and sufficient amount of time to each of them.

Self-motivation is the keyword

For establishing successful businesses learn to take risk and change your attitude towards business society by taking up social responsibilities. Understand the government business policies and get monetary help from public and private institutions.

Know your market and market-oriented risks

Learn more about your market and competition prevailing in the market. Promote your product through advertising and other popular media channels. Acquaint yourself of the fast changing market conditions by making optimum utilization of media and internet.

Understanding of Business Administration

Women should be highly educated and trained in their area of knowledge so that they can attain expertise and understanding of all the major operational aspects of business administration. This will assist a woman to take balanced decisions beneficial for expanding her business network.

Knowledge about monetary assistance

It is important to know various institutions in the financial industry which give their assistance in the form of loans, low rate interest scheme, incentives, etc. This will not only help you to kick start your business venture but would also ensure constant supply of capital.

Attend training programs

Workshops and training programs are of great help for every type of industrialist. Attend the training programs through social associations which are informative for prospective entrepreneurs who are aspiring to commence a small or medium scale enterprise.

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Top 10 Handbag Brands In India

 Top 10 Handbag Brands In India

A handbag is one of the most vital aspects of a women’s attire. Accessorizing properly with a matching handbag be it a satchel, or a tote or anything like a sling bag, a hobo, a box bag to a clutch is mandatory for the fashion conscious.

Besides helping to looking fashionable, a handbag is necessary to tuck in all the valuables from a wallet to mobile phones. In India several brands have made their presence felt in terms of the business they have generated. These brands give tough competition to each other and try to outdo each other in terms of design and quality. However only a few brands among the many present in India, have become a favourite among consumers.

List of Top 10 Handbag Brands in India


Highhandedness is a company based in Pondicherry which manufactures leather goods and accessories. It was founded by Dilip Kapoor, the current president, in the year 1978. Initially the company was known as Hide Design which was later modified to its current name. In the beginning it was sold only outside India. Much later in 1999 it entered the Indian market. Alberto Ciaschin, the famous Italian designer is also a part of the Hidesign designing team as the lead designer since 2004.  The company started building alliances with various other groups to expand from 2007. The same year Louis Vuitton invested in Hidesign. Recently in 2009 the Future Group also tied up with Hidesign to bring the Holii range.

Hidesign sells more than 40,000 bags a month. It also recorded over 35 % growth in 2013, which is much higher than its average growth rate of 20 % a year. Hidesign currently has priced its products between Rs 4,000 and Rs 25,000 in the Indian market.

The positive response in sales has made the company think about expansion at a rate of 20 new stores every year. Hidesign is aiming at Rs 600 crores turnover by the year 2018 from the present figure of Rs 150 crores in 2013. In 2013 the brand has received the Pitch Brands 50 Awards.


Clavier is another lifestyle brand which launched its first collection of bags in 2010. This brand is a part of Planet Retail which is a company based in Gurgaon. It aims at a client base that is young and fashionable. Presently in India, Lavie handbags are sold in 20 cities. Their product comes in a wide range of colours to satisfy the taste of all types of clients. Presently the product is available at Samsonite and Bagzone stores as well as Shoppers Stop, Debenhams, Central, Lifestyle, Pantaloons and other leading retail chains. Lavie has plans of expansion and aims to generate Rs 120 Crores by 2015-16.


CAPRESE Caprese is another new brand which is imported and marketed in India by the reputed VIP Industries. Caprese was launched in 2012. The brand entered the market to fulfil the gap between high end luxury products and low priced inferior quality handbags. Caprese is marketed as a mid-premium category product. Caprese handbags are available in over 100 cities in retail outlets as well as VIP Lounges which number around 400. The pricing of the products is also competitive and starts from Rs 2,000 and goes up till Rs 7,000. The owners expect that in the long run the sales of Caprese will equate the sales of luggage as the market for handbags is relatively vast.


Carpetbagging was launched in the year 1990 by Nina Lekhi. Initially it was sold at INXS, Mumbai. In 2000 it expanded and was available in retail stores in Mumbai and Delhi. Peta Proggy 2007 was awarded to the brand in 2007 since it doesn’t sell any leather products. Presently it has stores in Pune market city, Amanora Pune, Atria mall, Mumbai, Infinity Malad Mumbai, Vashi Inorbit Mumbai, Neptune Mall Bhandup Mumbai, Inorbit Mall Bangalore, Jayanagar Bangalore  and Kormangala Bangalaore. It is estimated that the brand is worth Rs 50 crores in the market currently.


LADIDA Ladida is another player in this market which was established almost a decade ago in 2001.  Going by the recent trend of veganism this brand is aware of the cruelty against animals and uses only PU industrial synthetic leather and from Vegan leather. Its aim is to create a world of fashion devoid of exploitation of animals. Vegan leather is faux leather made of intricate cotton threads as well as natural wastes. Ladida believes that its USP is its unique design which is taken care of by its panel of 15 designers.

The House Of Tara

THE HOUSE OF TARAA new brand, the House of Tara, started in 2012, is based in Delhi. This brand brings in freshness with a focus on Indian textiles. They also incorporate digital prints for adding an element of fun. A tassel here and there or funky embroidery in a corner is a trademark of this brand .The House of Tara is also expecting a fast growth in the coming years as it has met with a positive response after being launched, among the youth.

Da Milano

DA MILANO This brand, though Indian, claims to manufacture bags which are Italian in design and quality. This brand sells leather handbags and has priced their product between Rs 6,000 to Rs 1,500. In 2012 it was awarded the Images Shoes and Accessories Award 2012's "Most Admired Retailer of the year 2012, in Fashion Accessories" for its contribution in this market.  The brand claims that every week they launch around 8-10 new products.  Da Milano has around 38 shops from which it operates. In the last fiscal year it managed to generate revenue of Rs 135 Crores where around 80 % was due to sales in India itself. The brand expects to expand in the coming years and open stores in the Middle East as well as Europe. The brand takes pride in claiming that their product is at par with globally renowned brands in terms of design.

Lino Perros

LINO PERROSL ino Perros was founded in the year 1999 with the aim of building an exclusive accessory brand. The founders were Sanjay and Natasha, two young designers. Sumitsu Apparel Pt. Ltd. is the main company under which Lino Perros is a sub-brand. The brand advertises that their USP is authentic design and optimum quality. The products are also priced competitively since Lino Perros itself manufactures the bags and thus can easily keep the cost low. Lino Perros is trying to reach a turnover of Rs 1,000 crores by 2020. The brand also received the Maitra award in 2012 for being a great player in the field of accessories.


Pepperoni is a new brand based in Delhi, which was launched recently in 2010. They launched their first ever collection at the India International Leather Fair which was held in Chennai. The handbags, which this brand manufactures, focus on both craftsmanship as well as comfort.  Their marketing strategy was also different. They promoted their product as a bag meant for real girls. The brand ambassadors were also chosen from as they say ‘real girls’ and not any celebrity.  This brainstorming helped them to relate to the buyers and the break the ice from the very beginning.


Kara This accessory brand was established in 2009. Kara is based in Delhi where it has its own designing and manufacturing unit. This fairly new brand has managed to open two exclusive stores in New Delhi. Moreover the products of Kara are also available in departmental stores such as Metro Shoes, Landmark, Reliance Footprint, Witco, Ebony, Max Standard, Odyssey, Ritu Wear, Chunmun and Kapsons.

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Top (Leading) Nail Polish Brands in India

 Top (Leading) Nail Polish Brands in India

Nail polish also known as nail paint is one easy way to add some colour and light up one’s outfit. Although the concept originated in China long time ago, today it is an integral part of a women’s style statement and has become a necessity for the fashion conscious. It is an easy way to accessorize one’s outfit without spending a lot.

Be it a young college student or an older professional, nail polish is bound to find a place in one’s vanity box. It is one simple way which transforms the overall appearance by making one look well groomed. Consumers would be spoilt for choice while choosing a brand or colour as the number of players or brands in the market in this segment is plenty. However few brands have managed to be favourites based on their pricing, quality of the product offered, as well as variety of colours available. The brands which have managed to make a niche of their own due to their popularity are enumerated below.

List of Top 10 Nail Polish Brands sold in India


Lakme is one important player in the colour cosmetics segment. It is owned by Unilever. The CEO of Lakme is Mr Anil Chopra. Initially the company was owned by the Tata Group since its launch in 1952. Much later in 1996 the company changed hands and the reins went to Hindustan Lever Limited. The Brand Trust Report of 2011 also considers this brand to be ranked at 47th in a list of top 50 trusted brands in India. This brand offers several ranges of nail paints. The Absolute Royal range is a dual colour product which gives a regal touch to the nails. It is available in 8 colours. A 10ml bottle costs Rs 200. The Lakme Absolute Gel Stylist range gives a salon-like effect which is rich in colour and has high shine. It is priced higher at Rs 400 for a 15 ml bottle. The Lakmé Absolute Fast and Fabulous nail color manages to dry only in 40 seconds. It is priced at Rs 200 for a 10 ml bottle. Lakmé True Wear nail color is for daily wear available in reds and maroons. It is priced at Rs 100 for 9ml. Lakmé True Wear Colour Crush is for the bright and peppy, with colours like pinks, blue, orange etc. It is priced at Rs 150 for 9 ml. Lakme 9 to 5 Long Wear Nail Enamel is for providing a shine for a long time. It is priced at Rs 200 for 9 ml. Thus this brand has its products spread over different ranges and price brackets. Hence it manages to have a consumer base across different sections.


Revlon was founded in 1932 by Charles Revson and Charles Lachman. It also offers its consumers a variety of options. The Revlon Nail enamel is long lasting and doesn’t chip easily. It is priced at Rs 150 for a 9 ml bottle. Revlon Top Speed Fast Dry Nail Enamel is another range which doesn’t fade easily and dries in 60 seconds. Hence it is extremely convenient to use as the desired effect can be obtained by a mere three strokes. It offers salon-like smoothness and doesn’t crack easily. It costs Rs 240 for a 9 ml bottle.


Another brand which is an important player in India in terms of consumers is Colorbar Cosmetics. This brand was founded in 2004 by Samir Modi. The market share of Colorbar Cosmetics is ranked at fourth in India. Glitterati Top Coat Range adds sheen and glitter to one’s nails. Although it is priced steeply at Rs 400 for 15ml it is an easy way to get glamorous for the festive or party season. Colorbar PRO Nail Lacquer has a long lasting effect. It is also priced at Rs 400 for 15 ml .The Inanely Matte Mattifying Top Coat gives a velvet touch to any base nail paint. Like the previous ones this one also costs Rs 400 for 15 ml. Pro Crackle Top Coat when used on any normal base nail paint gives a wonderful cracked effect . A 15 ml jar of this top comes for Rs 499. The Quick Finish Nail Lacquer manages to give the desired effect of salon like nails in just 60 seconds. A 9 ml bottle costs Rs 210. The Exclusive Nail Polish range comes in rich colours and has a glossy finish. It is available at Rs 175 for a 9 ml bottle.


This brand was founded by T.L. in 1915. Eventually Maybelline was acquired by L’Oreal and in India it was launched by its ancillary, L’Oreal India. The Colour Show nail paint range offered by them is gel based and is available in 40 bold colours. It is priced reasonably at Rs 75 for 6 ml. The Colorama range ensures 5-day wear and is available in vibrant shades. It is available at Rs 100 for 8 ml. Maybelline Express Finish Nail dries extremely fast in 40 seconds and painted nails can be obtained without any hassle of waiting or messing up while waiting. A 10 ml bottle is priced at Rs 210.

5. Elle 18

Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL) is the owner of the brand Elle 18 It was founded in 1998. Elle 18 is targeted at the youth consumers as it has bright colours along with neon shades in its products. Hence it has a large number of consumers in the coloured cosmetics segment. The funky coloured nail paints comes in bottles of 5 ml and prices at Rs 50. Hence it’s affordable and trendy and was an instant favourite among the young fashionistas from the time it was launched. Moreover the products contain Cocoa butter, Jojoba Oil, Rose Water and Almonds.


Chambor is a fashion make-up brand based in Geneva, Switzerland. In India it was launched in 1993. Chambor Stars Nail Enamel Festive Collection is available in packs of two. They dry fast and don’t chip easily. The bottles are of 5 ml and costs Rs 485 a set. Chambor nail enamel range comes in bright hues and contains nail hardner for better results. A 7 ml bottle is priced at Rs 270. One of the advantages of this brand is its good quality applicator brush which makes it user friendly.


L’Oreal is one of the biggest players in the cosmetic market in the world. The chairman and CEO of this brand is Jean-Paul Agon. It was launched in India about two decades ago. L’Oreal India is a subsidiary of L’Oreal and today the Indian counterpart has a faster growth rate comparatively. L’Oreal Paris is an important brand for this company. In 2013 the decision was made by L’Oreal to invest Rs.970 crores in India which is bound to give the brand more presence in this segment .In 2013 the reported rate at which the company grew was 70 %. L’Oreal Paris Color Riche Le Vernis is the range of nail paint offered by this brand. It is priced at Rs 235 for 5 ml. However the product has some very unique colours which give a smooth and rich effect. The nail paints also come in very chic looking bottles and is packaged very attractively.


The company Inglot was founded more than 30 years ago by a man called Wojtek Inglot, a young chemist. His aim was to make superior quality products with good ingredients at a price which makes the product worth buying. This nail paint range has a glossy finish and usually remains free from chipping for a week. Priced at Rs 490 and Rs 600 (depending on the shade the price varies), these come in a 15 ml Jar.


The company Lotus Herbals Ltd. was set up around 20 years ago, in 1993 by a man names Kamal Passi. Lotus Herbals Ltd. is involved in manufacturing and selling of different types of cosmetics. The list includes face wash, sunscreens, hair oils, shampoos as well as make up. In the colour make up segment it also has a number of products in nail paints, lip liners. Lip gloss etc. Mr Kamal Passi knew that to break the ice he needed a good strategy. Hence he priced his products at least 10-15% lower than the others brands in the same segment. He also emphasized the packaging and made sure his products look attractive. However unlike his contemporaries he believes in spending less on advertising. This brand specializes in producing cosmetics that they claim to contain the goodness of Ayurveda as well as herbal purity and goodness. Their nail paint range called Colordew is free from acetone, DBP and toluene as these can lead up to dull and brittle nails. These nail paints also come with a flat application brush which is user friendly and the paint dries in no time giving the user a hassle free experience of application. This range comes in 8 ml bottles and is priced at Rs 110.

Street wear

Street wear range of cosmetics were launched under the brand of Revlon. This brand is targeted at the youth. The nail paints are bright and vibrant. They also dry quickly in about 40 seconds. The brand pricing is also done by keeping in mind its targeted consumer range. The 5 ml bottle comes at Rs 55 whereas the 9 ml ones are priced at Rs 100.

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Top 10 Headphone Brands of India

 Top 10 Headphone Brands of India

The market for electronic products in India is huge and considering how much Indians love listening to music, especially on the go, companies that offer headphones are doing well. There are around 30 brands in India to choose from and it is an eclectic mix of companies that are subsidiaries of well-known international brands as well as ones that are based in India itself.

List of Top Headphone brands in India


Sennheiser Sennheiser is one of the leading brands of India as well as the world when it comes to headphones. The company was established by Professor Doctor Fritz Sennheiser as Laboratorium Wennebostel in 1945. Its product categories can be enumerated as below:


Products for assistive listening

Wired microphones and monitoring systems

Aviation headsets

Information and conference technology

In 2013, its turnover was 590.5 million euros from its sales around the world. The twitter ID of its India operations is @SennheiserIndia.


Sony Sony India is a subsidiary of Sony Corporation, one of the leading global names in the world of electronic products. It was established on 7 May 1946 and its head offices are in Tokyo. Kazuo Hirai is the CEO and President of the organisation and Kenichiro Yoshida is the CFO-cum-Executive Deputy President. Following are the major product areas of Sony:

LCD televisions

Semiconductors such as image sensors

Interchangeable single lens cameras


Compact digital cameras

Recording media

Video cameras

Data recording systems

Home audio systems

Equipment for professional use and broadcast

Blu-ray disc recorders and players

Medical equipment

Memory based portable audio devices

The Facebook address of Sony India is India and it has a YouTube channel -


JBLJBL headphones are sold by Harman India, which is a part of the Harman group that has till date brought out a number of well-known products such as Harman Kardon, Infinity, and Mark Levinson. Harman India is headed by M Lakshminarayan, who is its Country Manager and Managing Director. The products and services offered by Harman can be divided into the following categories:

Lifestyle Audio

Professional Audio

Luxury Audio



Philips Philips has had a commendable presence in India for many years and even with various international brands coming into the Indian electronic market it has not ceded much ground. Philips India Limited is a part of Royal Philips, based in Netherlands and one of the global leaders in healthcare, lighting, and consumer lifestyle products. The CEO of Phillips India is Krishna Kumar. Following are the major categories in which its products are offered:

Sound and vision


Personal care

PC products and phones

Mother and child care

Home health

Household products



Skullcandy Skullcandy is one of the newer brands to have entered the electronics market of India. Apart from headphones, Skull candy offers ear buds and wireless audio products. The company is based in the US. However, its India operations are well represented on social media with the Twitter ID @Indianapolis and Facebook profile 

Beats by Dr. Dre

Beats Beats by Dr. Dre is one of the leading headphone brands available in India. Apart from headphones, it offers audio accessories such as earphones and speakers. It is one of the top audio brands of the world. Dr. Dre and Jimmy Lovine founded the brand in 2006. In the nine years of its existence, the company has been able to bring the very best in sound based entertainment thanks to its world class products. Apple bought the company in 2014.


Panosonic Panasonic is one of the leading electronics brands of the world and enjoys a significant presence in India as well. The parent company Panasonic Corporation is headquartered in Japan and was established in 1918. Panasonic India specialises in a number of products in categories such as consumer electronics, communication-based system products, home appliances, products for video conferencing, and professional audio and video products. The President of Panasonic India is Daizo Ito. The Facebook address of Panasonic India 


YamahaEven though Yamaha is known for its bikes, it also offers musical products through its subsidiary Yamaha Music India. It was set up during March 2008. The organisation started itsoperations during October that year and its head offices are in Gurgaon. Its products can be categorised into professional audio, musical instruments, audio and visual apps and music production tools. Its Facebook address i 


I Ballistic is one of the relatively newer entrants in the Indian electronics market. The company was incorporated in September 2001. The company started its journey with the manufacture of the mouse and now offers 27 different kinds of products that can be divided into categories such as technology accessories, Guard, Slide, Lappie, mobiles, Winkles and Baton. Right now, the company is held in high regard for the innovation it has been able to bring about in its products. The Facebook id of iBall India 


Zebronics Zebronics was established in 1997 and since then it has gone from strength to strength with 31 offices in India. It also has 108 plus care centres and it offers 25 product categories that can be broadly divided into IT peripherals, accessories, audio and video, and surveillance products. Its Twitter id is @zebronics.

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Top 20 Brands in India

 Top 20 Brands in India

The top brands in India are ones that have a fairly long history of operation in India and a record of doing so with a commendable amount of success. These companies are also the brand leaders in their respective segments. Companies like Tata and Samsung Group have been established names in the Indian market as well as the psyche of the Indian consumers thanks to the overall quality of their services and other aspects of their business operations.

List of Top 20 Brands in India


Samsung is right now one of the market leaders when it comes to mobile devices. It deals in a diverse array of mobile devices and incorporates the following aspects in its products to make it a better experience for its users:






Business mobility


Tata Group

Tata Group is one of the leading India based multinational conglomerates. Its head offices are at Mumbai. In terms of revenue and market capitalization it is one of the leading names in India’s business scenario. It operates in various domains such as the following:

Communications technology


Information technology



Consumer products



In all the group has 31 listed companies and the major among these are:

Tata Steel

Tata Global Beverages

Tata Motors

Tata Teleservices

Tata Consultancy Services


Tata Power

Tata Communications

Tata Chemicals

Taj Hotels

Tata group's total revenue grew by 18.5 per cent in 2013-14 at Rs Rs 6,24,757 crore (US $ 103.27 billion).


Colgate was established during 1937 and at that time hand carts were employed to hand out the cream. Colgate-Palmolive (India) is at present equipped with one of the best distribution networks in the country. It has 4.5 million retail outlets and 1.5 million of these are serviced directly by the company itself. The company now deals in several verticals:

Household products

Health care and industrial supplies

Personal care products

Leisure and sports equipment

Food products


In India, Lux soap was introduced during 1929 and in the very first advertisement it featured Leela Chitnis. The organization has built up its brand value over the years by having actresses like the following as their brand ambassadors:


Rani Mukerji

Mala Sinha

Aishwarya Rai

Hema Malini

Amisha Patel


Kareena Kapoor

Madhuri Dixit


Juhi Chawla

Priyanka Chopra

Karisma Kapoor

Deepika Padukone

Katrina Kaif

In its initial years the company portrayed Lux as the choice of the movie stars. In addition to India, Lux is also a market leader in several other countries like:




South Africa


Amul, a leading brand in the milk and milk products segment, is owned and operated by Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation (GCMMF). In addition to butter, and loose and packaged milk the company also deals in the following:



Ice cream

Desserts such as shrikhand


Lifebuoy has been one of the most popular brands in India as well as the US where it has been in operation for at least 100 years. The soaps hold a penetration level of 98 percent in the urban areas whereas in rural areas the figure stands at 70 percent. In the soap category its overall penetration rate is 91 percent. In the personal wash sector it enjoys a market share between 18 and 21 percent. The talcum powder enjoys a market share of 2 percent.


Horlicks is one of the top health drinks in India and holds approximately 50 percent share of the market. Its owner is GlaxoSmithKline. Apart from India, Horlicks also enjoys leadership positions in markets across Malaysia and the UK.

Dettol India

Dettol India is the moving force behind Dettol which is one of the top products when it comes to killing germs and is highly recommended by healthcare professionals and medical experts for its success in that area. It is one of the leading names in the liquid soap segment with an 80 percent market share. In the health segment it owns 8 percent of the market. On an average the brand experiences a growth of 25 percent on a yearly basis.


Pepsodent is one of the top dental care brands in several Asian countries such as Philippines apart from India. It is supported by FDI, which is the biggest dental association in the world. It has also been rated as being among the most trusted brands in India by Economic Times, and Brand Equity.


Britannia is presently looking to increase its footprints in the snacks segment with the introduction of Snackuits. The 50:50 biscuits have already reached the INR 480 crore mark. Its Saffola Oats product already enjoys a market share of 12%.

Reliance Communications

Reliance Communications is one of the leading providers of mobile services in India and is also a flagship organization of its parent body, the Reliance Group. It has been listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange and National Stock Exchange. It enjoys a customer base of at least 150 million people which makes it one of the leading telecommunications companies in the country. The organization deals with various services such as the following:


international long distance services

national long distance services

data services

Close Up

Close Up is regarded as the first ever youth brand of India and its marketing is handled by Unilever. It was introduced during 1967 and is also credited to have brought out the first gel based toothpaste in the world. It holds approximately 18 percent of the Indian market for toothpastes.


Airtel is one of the leading providers of various mobile based services, some of which may be mentioned as below:

prepaid mobile


postpaid mobile services

home phone

broadband internet connection

calling cards

direct to home

prepaid tariff plans


postpaid tariff plans

Bharti Airtel is the biggest mobile operator in India in terms of sales and customer base.

State Bank of India

State Bank of India (SBI) is the biggest provider of banking and financial services in India in terms of revenue, market capitalization, and assets held. Till March 2012 its assets have been valued at 360 billion US dollars and it has 14,119 branches, which is inclusive of 173 international offices in 37 countries.

Clinic Plus

Clinic Plus is one of the top names in the hair care brands in India. It was introduced in India during 1971 and since then has been the biggest seller among shampoos. It also enjoys the maximum amount of distribution among the various shampoos available in the country. It has also been able to construct a positive image for itself with its celebrity associations and advertising campaigns.


Pond’s has been one of the leading skincare brands for women in not only India but also the world for the last 150 years. The company has its research and development facilities at Bangkok, New York, Mumbai, and Tokyo. It is held by Unilever, a leading multinational company.

Life Insurance Corporation of India

Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) is the biggest provider of investment and insurance services in India and is wholly owned by the Union Government of India. It provides approximately 24 percent of the total expenses incurred by the national government. At present it has 113 divisional offices and 8 zonal offices along with almost 3500 servicing offices across India. It also has 1,33,7064 individual agents, 98 brokers, 242 corporate agents, 42 banks, and 79 referral agents. The total worth of its assets is approximately INR 13.25 trillion.

Fair & Lovely

Fair & Lovely was conceived during 1975 and marketed all over India from 1978 onwards and since then it has been one of the leading fairness creams for Indian women. In 2011 the company generated sales amounting to INR 1675.1 crore, which was 10% more than 2010 when the similar figure stood at INR 1521.7 crores. It also owns approximately 60% of the market for fairness creams.

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) is the biggest and oldest provider of communication services in India. It has a customer base of approximately 90 million people. BSNL and MTNL together own approximately 14.42% of the market. In the wireless segment both the companies hold almost 11.44% of the market. In the rural areas its market share at present is close to 11.02%. For the 2011-12 fiscal its revenue stands at INR 27,933 crore and its total assets have been valued at INR 117,632 crore.


LG Electronics India is one of the top names in the segment in India. It offers a whole range of products such as the following:



Plasma screen TVs


Flat panel televisions


Full HD TVs

Washing machines

Home theatre systems

DVD players

GSM mobile phones

Microwave ovens


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